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6.45pm - 8pm
Rookery Studio, Pitney

Suitable for everyone especially if you suffer from stress, insomnia or wish to support your mental health. This is the most relaxing class designed to help you release held tension from the body and mind. We will warm up the body with yoga sequences to begin and then take more time in held postures working deeply to unwind tension that is held within. Props will be used to support the body enabling this deep release. Meditation, breathing practices and candle gazing allow you to access your calm place and take these techniques into your day to day life. Expect a warming fire, candles, oils, soft blankets and gentle music to soothe your whole body… A longer relaxation allows the body to recalibrate and heal and is helpful for weight loss and rebalancing of hormones. Expect your best night’s sleep and to feel exceptionally relaxed!

Courses usually run between 4 - 6 weeks and are based around school term times.

Classes are £12 each and must be booked as a whole course. Drop-ins are sometimes available at £15 but please message prior to attending.

Mats and equipment are provided, please wear stretchy clothes and bring water.

Rookery studio is situated on the west side of Pitney village, signed ‘Rookery’ and is of Red brick with white railings. Please park in the playing field car park and walk up the hill towards the church. The venue is on the corner in front of you. The front door will be open 15 minutes prior to the beginning of class. Let yourself in as the door is on the latch. Shoes, coats etc are left in hall area.

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