About Me

Madeleine Scott
BA (Hons) BWY Dip, Adv. Teacher BWY Dip.

I am a fully qualified yoga teacher with nearly 20 years teaching experience - now running classes in the south Somerset area. 


I initially trained with the British Wheel Of Yoga for 3 years to become a qualified teacher. I later trained for a further 2 1/2 years to become an advanced teacher in a more healing style of yoga, right at the core of yogic tradition. Whilst I have been taught by some very well -known  teachers, there are also those, who are less well known, who have been equally remarkable. My thanks and gratitude to all. I consistently update my training through attending workshops, courses and yoga days. I am fully insured, have a current first aid certificate and DBS clearance.

I feel how I run my classes really describes who I am as a person. Teachers will always have a slightly different angle to how they teach by what they have experienced in life and also from their own natural tendencies. This is why different teachers appeal to different people seeking yoga tuition. 'About Me' section of my website very much describes how I see yoga and my point of reference for teaching. 

I came to yoga through an injury and was healed from the daily pain I was suffering. It was so completely life changing wanted to share the knowledge. Personally, I would have been put off by a too spiritual class at first and the one I initially went to was a class run by a male teacher, being very physically based with good breathing practices. My journey just went on from there. I try to use my understanding of how scary yoga can sometimes appear and the preconceptions around it to make my classes accessible for everyone, whatever reason they have chosen to try yoga. Doing yoga to help your back, for instance, is a good reason...


Yoga on the mat is just preparation for yoga off the mat in everyday life. My aim is to encourage each person to develop themselves on all levels to become stronger, more flexible and healthier and importantly, kinder inwards and outwardly, with an awareness of gratitude, all of which leads to greater happiness. Finding contentment and equanimity where you feel at one with yourself and the world around you is the main aim of yoga. 


Stress really is, I believe, at the heart of most disease. Having experienced severe stress and its debilitating effects a number of times in my life, I very much understand how important it is to become aware of its effects and to work with practices that counter them. Awareness brings change that leads to dealing with those effects more appropriately and positively. I believe that going through tough times gives us learning and strengthens rather than weakens - so the difficulty, or negative,  actually becomes a positive. Turning it around is just attitude, or mind.


I also like to promote self empowerment: to get away from our endless self criticism or worrying about what other people think or sayI have found that people can always achieve more than they think in a yoga class. I feel very passionately about people feeling good about themselves.


On a personal note, I have three children, two collies and six rabbits. I have a degree in Fine Art. My passions, apart from teaching yoga, are wildlife, gardening, design and architecture, being active and family. I'm sure there are more!

I look forward to welcoming you to my studio.