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Yoga for Health. Yoga in Somerset. Hatha Yoga

"Madeleine's classes leave me relaxed and rejuvenated in equal measure"

Yoga for Health. Yoga in Somerset. Hatha Yoga

"Madeleine was very thoughtful to my needs and medical issues and she has a very personal approach to each and every class member..."

Nigel, (organiser of Nudefest at Thorney Lakes 2019)


"I have finally waded through the feedback forms and as I suspected you were amazing. The people who took part in your lessons have high praise for you, for both your level of expertise and your own personality. To add to this as organiser I must say you come along, crack on and don't cause me any problems and in particular this year (so many programme changes!) come with a can do attitude.

So thank you again for supporting us; you're appreciated."

L, (class participant in Pitney)


"I would like to say, your classes are amazing and the very best I have ever attended! You've done wonders with me. My body has changed so much for the best. Your teaching is fantastic, the way you see everyone's positions and help us is great and your knowledge is also so amazing I can only wish to find a teacher half as good as you. 


Thank you so much for inviting me in and welcoming me in such a friendly manner. 


I will miss you and your classes so very much." 

Bridget, (class participant in Pitney & Kingsbury Episcopi)


"Madeleine's classes are the ideal balance between challenging and relaxing. The atmosphere is friendly and her inclusive approach means that beginners and more experienced members can all benefit from the same class. After an hour and a quarter with Madeleine we leave feeling uplifted and fortified for the week ahead."

Tash, (class participant in Pitney)


"Thursday classes at the Rookery - very friendly and peaceful setting. Madeleine starts each session by asking us how we are physically and mentally which then informs what yoga activities we focus on. She gently encourages the development of poses, I always come away feeling that I have learned something!"

Morag, (class participant in Langport & Pitney)


"Madeleine’s classes leave me feeling rejuvenated and relaxed in equal measure. I’m left knowing I’ve worked hard both mentally and physically. Madeleine takes time to assess all class members at the start of a class ensuring each session is pitched at the correct level.

Madeleine likes to mix interesting and exciting (ie less run of the mill) poses into her classes which tends to get us all giggling and bonding. Making her classes a relaxed friendly and enjoyable workout leaving you spiritually lifted and physically improved."

Alison, (class participant in East Sussex)


"Madeleine is an excellent teacher of yoga. she combines hatha yoga (the core of the class) with inspired exercises and stretches from other yoga disciplines. It is always an interesting class. Madeleine is a friendly and caring teacher. The class is always full and people return again and again on a regular basis. I think it is because we are all feeling resounding benefits in our lives - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Madeleine really believes in her students. she sees our progress and names it and encourages us. Madeleine encourages us to go a little further than we expect and suddenly we realise that we are capable of doing more than we thought."

Nadine, (mother, carer, volunteer youth careers advisor)


"From the beginning Madeleine was very thoughtful of my needs and medical issues and she has a very personal approach to each and every class member and is very adaptable in changing things around to suit each person.

From the first class I went to I had a warm welcome and was made to feel comfortable. Her classes are friendly, fun and very tranquil and I always come away feeling uplifted and positive. Since starting her classes I have found my body is actually really strengthening, especially my core which is very important in my condition, as the stronger I am the more my muscles can support my joints and pump blood around my body faster. Madeleine always monitors me to make sure I do not injure myself and is always on hand if I need advice or extra help.

I know as a class we are very sad to be losing her in Bexhill and I think anyone who is able to become one of her new yoga students is incredibly lucky as you do not come across such lovely people like Madeleine often in life."

Paul, (doctor, MBChB,FRCPath,Dip Bact)


"I joined Madeleine's class in Bexhill-on-Sea to try and help with my problems of depression and anxiety. I have no doubt that Madeleine's patience and encouragement, not only to me, but with the rest of our class has been beneficial both mentally and physically. Madeleine leads her class with humour and energy and can help individuals with their practice without losing the attention of the other participants. She remains cheerful and honest helping equally not only those who have been practicing yoga for many years but also relative newcomers such as myself."

Sandra, (business woman and mother)


"I have been going to Madeleine's classes for the past 5 years and always look forward to my weekly session, leaving afterwards feeling calm, refreshed and positive. Madeleine is a genuinely lovely person, very intuitive, reads her class well and ensures that her students always feel cared for, listened to and directed in a friendly and sensitive manner."

Trish, (retired teacher)


"Madeleine is an inspirational yoga teacher who is knowledgeable, kind and caring with a delightful sense of humour.

She structures each class to suit individual needs and those of the class as a whole. Under Madeleine's guidance, huge improvements in my fellow students and my own strength, flexibility and stamina are very evident.

Madeleine's positive approach offers encouragement to all, to achieve goals with a 'can do' attitude."

Tom, (carer and support worker)


"I have never tried yoga before and Madeleine provided the perfect introduction. She is incredibly supportive and positive - with an innate ability to work with people of various levels simultaneously. It is also clear that she is a trained professional and can work in various disciplines. She draws the best out of people whilst enacting intuition as to people's limits - very important. I couldn't recommend Madeleine highly enough."

Lisa, (leader of programmes and development)


"Madeleine's classes are always very considered, she draws on her extensive experience to bring together the best of many different types of yoga. Her classes are always fun, balanced with finding time to focus, to understand the intricacies of each posture. More often than not I leave her class feeling like she'd planned it just for me. Definitely one of the best yoga teachers I've had".

Kate (MBE, director)


"Thank you. Please remember though that I have been practicing yoga with you for 3 years now. That's where it happened! I'm so very glad you were my first teacher. I will miss not seeing you weekly when things move on for you. Lovely class this morning. We all needed it and it was pitched just right."

Wendy, (finance and operations manager)


"Madeleine is the perfect teacher; sensitive, responsive, inclusive, amusing and challenging. She ensures that everybody is okay before the session starts and makes it easy to express any niggling aches and pains. Too often people don't want to admit they have a problem but her non-judgemental attitude provides a sense of safety. She works across various yoga disciplines which provides variety ensuring the lessons don't become stale. Her aim is to provide support and is committed to challenging you whilst ensuring you don't push yourself too far. She is watchful and provides individual support and advice throughout the session. A joy to be taught by."

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